Once Upon a Time in the West...

Ranch House ShopSmall towns reverberated to the echoes of guns, music, horses and tales of derring dos from the pioneers who were pushing out the frontiers of a new country.

In the 1870s, the Wild West was in its heyday. The good guys and the bad guys from Buffalo Bill Cody to Billy the Kid were larger than life characters. Communications were opening the States up with the Union Pacific Railroad from the East joining the tracks of the Central Pacific in the West. Cattlemen drove their herds across the country, some people found fortune by striking gold, others by taking it from them. The Native Indians fought their new adversaries - Custer's Last Stand against the Sioux at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

About a hundred years later in the Wild West (Midlands), the Ranch House was established - that pioneering spirit kept alive making and supplying quality goods and clothing, western style. Nowadays the town reverberates to Harley Davidsons and we don't see many horses here, but there are still great tales of more recent derring dos and the guys are (mostly) good. Step inside and take in the atmosphere - a cocktail of convivial conversations, friendly, efficient service and some of the finest gear for Western enthusiasts, Linedancers and Bikers in the known universe and there's tea ... (stick the kettle on Martin).